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Idol fans told to back off blogging

The statement issued on IdolBlog on Friday read: “We do not want our site or our members to get in legal trouble over a number of serious allegations about behind-the-scenes goings on in NZ Idol this year.

“If you hear of such rumours, do not publish details here on Idolblog.

“If you choose to ignore this warning, you are completely responsible for your own comments.”

IdolBlog creator Regan Cunliffe told Sunday News the warning was to protect his site.

There had been allegations of theft, “sexy packages” being sent to the Idol house, and talk of drugs and blackmail.

A source told Sunday News the “sexy packages” were described to be “far more interesting than the average person’s sex life”.

Cunliffe said: “There have been rumours and we don’t want to put ourselves in a position where we are liable for comments people make.

“Unless people can back them up they can be defamatory, we want to cover our back in that instance.”

A spokeswoman for South Pacific Pictures, which makes NZ Idol, said they were aware of the postings.

“The producers were made aware some time ago a variety of rumours were circulating.

“Any kind of rumour or allegation in regard to the Idols and productions was taken seriously. There is no evidence of any wrongdoing and we are satisfied it is just rumour.

“IdolBlog’s business is its own. Like any website or media outlet, they want to protect themselves from putting out any information that might be wrong, unfounded or defamatory.”

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